As of today, Carbon 60 Fullerene (C60) is relatively unknown to the mass, and the name alone may bring on some skepticism. But it’s health potential is extremely high. In fact, If I could only pick one supplement to take for the rest of my life, then I would choose C60.

Carbon 60 Fullerene is a molecule of 60 carbon atoms bonded together, in a spherical shape, in patterns of pentagons and hexagons, as shown in the picture. To help you familiarize, think of it as bunch of carbon atoms bonded together in a soccer ball like patterns, except it has a hole in it. Analogues of the fullerene molecules are said to be harder than diamond.

Health Benefits of Carbon 60 FullerenesC60 powders are called buckyball or buckminsterfullerene. The discovery and synthesis of this molecule were so extraordinary that the scientists responsible were awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Studies are being conducted for it’s health benefits in animals, although in limited quantity.

We can find Carbon 60 Fullerenes in nature in the form of shungites, which are rocks that contain fullerene molecules. Small rocks of shungites are used by Russian soldiers to keep in their waterbottle to purify their water. Some users would have a shungite crystal nearby to reduce their EMF exposure.


According to animal studies, oral ingestion of Carbon 60 Fullerene can have an antioxidant, anti-aging, pro-mitochondrial and energizing effects with lack of noticeable toxicity. The antioxidant effect of C60 is said to be so powerful, that it may supersede glutathione. Now that would be extreme.


Carbon 60 Fullerene is not for human consumption. Do not take this as a medical advice, but read this only for entertainment. I do not endorse taking C60. Speak to your doctor before trying it out.


My Experience Taking C60

I usually leave my personal experiences until later on, but C60 is so far my favorite so I’ll get right into it.

When I first started hearing about C60, I didn’t have any curiosity of it. I just read that it’s one of the greatest mitochondrial enhancers, so I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that I would eventually try it out. But I kept postponing it, and even thought that it’s a modern snake oil scheme.

Since taking C60, I have noticed more energy, and greater mental and emotional resilience. I would say that my overall ability to deflect negativity has gone up a lot, and my anxiety level has gone down enormously. It doesn’t have effects like alcohol and benzos do. Rather than working as an anxiety killer, it seems to increase my threshold for perceiving stress and anxiety.

My back and shoulder pain has eased drastically after a couple weeks. They would only come back if I do heavy workout or put a lot of strain on them. Also C60 doesn’t give me a free pass from eating nightshades vegetables, which causes pains. To give you an insight, the severity of the injury was of falling off from a 3rd floor height to bottom, landing on my back. All the pain killing supps and anti-inflammatories just didn’t cut it. But C60 did the job.

My immune system might be performing better? It’s hard to say because I also take other stuff. All I can say is that I went through this winter taking C60, and didn’t have a hint of cold of flu symptoms. Before this, I got sick every winter.

The biggest reasons for me to take C60 oil is for it’s anti-aging benefits, and it’s potential for providing protection against EMF. What I really enjoy out of it is the enhanced mental resilience.

I’m in my mid 20’s, and I’m of 50% Asian descent, so I have somewhat of a baby face still. I cannot tell the anti-aging effect of C60 just yet. I’ll report back in 20 years to let you know how old I look.


9 Benefits of Carbon 60 Fullerene


1. Anti-aging

Perhaps the most astounding element of Carbon 60 Fullerene is it’s life prolonging effects. Rats fed buckyballs (C60) in olive oil form had their lifespan increased by nearly double, with no toxicity [1][2].

Many anecdotal reports suggest that Carbon 60 Fullerene taken orally brings back youthfulness and vibrance, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Human studies are needed to confirm this.

Some people give C60 to their cats and dogs because it has pain killing and anti-anxiety effects on them. This is purely based on anecdote, and safety and efficacy hasn’t been proven. But will they live longer? My guess would be yes.


2. Antiviral

Carbon 60 Fullerenes and it’s derivatives may offer strong antiviral potential. It is able to inhibit and bind to HIV protease. It’s amino acid derivatives can inhibit HIV and human cytomegalovirus replication. [3, 4].

Aqueous solution of C60 can strongly inhibit herpes simplex virus -1 and Human Cytomegalovirus. C60 exhibited greater effect than acyclovir [5]. We spoke about protease inhibitors in one of our COVID-19 posts to discuss how they may be effective against most lipid enveloped viruses.


Don’t mix with BHT

BHT is another compound that have powerful activity against herpes and other lipid enveloped viruses. I have not had problem taking both BHT and C60 oil together, but I don’t recommend making a mixture out of them until we know what that does.


3. Anti-Bacterial

In mice model, C60 had bactericidal activity with streptococcus infection and it protected 33% of the mice from death [6]. C60 can inhibit multi drug resistant strain of salmonella [7]. Several other studies considers the potential of Carbon 60 Fullerene as a potent anti-pathogenic [8, 9, 10].

I don’t recommend going on a salmonella diet and eat raw chicken to try out the antibacterial effects of C60. But considering the lack toxicity of the fullerenes, if you accidentally get salmonella poisoning then I don’t see any harm in giving C60 a shot.

Streptococcus is extremely hard to eradicate, and it causes severe neurological and mental disorders in some people. Something like C60 might hold a good chance in finally getting the strep numbers in control. If you have or had an ongoing strep problem, then give this a read.


4. Pain

Carbon 60 Fullerene is well known for it’s pain suppressing effects. It may reduce lower back pain by suppressing inflammation of the dorsal root ganglia and the neurons [11]

I can attest to this personally. Using C60 have abated my idle back and shoulder pain. So far nothing else has been able to do this. But the pain does come back when I get very physical for more than an hour or eat nightshade vegetables. Otherwise, I can still handle some workouts.


5. Cancer

Carbon 60 Fullerenes solution in virgin olive oil displayed antigenotoxic and protective effects in mice undergoing chemotherapy [12]. In two groups of mice with cancer, the group given C60 lived 22% longer [13].

In animal and cell models, administration of C60 reduces the rate of tumor growth, extends survival time, assists in radiation therapy and chemotherapy, fights leukimic cells, and reduces the overall effects of cancer [14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 3]

There has been no human trials to replicate the results that were produced in mice.


C60 shungite on cellphone

6. Protection Against EMF

Today, EMF harm is a growing concern for some people. Almost everywhere we go there are wireless emissions, at least to some degree. Shungite rocks contain Carbon 60 Fullerenes. A plate of shungite can be placed onto mobile phones or laptops in order to absorb wireless emissions.

In a study, mice were treated with C60 for 2 weeks prior to whole body gamma irradiation. The 2 week pre-treatment was effective in reducing mortality, and protected mitochondrial function and immune system from the radiation exposure [20]. C60 may also hold potential for protection against UVA, and can protect alcohol dehydrogenase from X-irradiation [21, 22].

There has been no human trials to confirm that oral ingestion of Carbon 60 Fullerene would have EMF protective effects. It would likely at least have some antioxidant effects though.

7. Mitochondrial Support

Carboxylic acid fullerene (C60) was used to measure it’s pro-mitochondrial effects. The treatment prevented mitochondrial fragmentation and reduced neuro-inflammation [23].

Unproven claims suggest that Carbon 60 Fullerene could be the most powerful mitochondrial enhancer. It’s at least worth considering because of how much it can extend the lifespans of rats. You could take it along with Ubiquinol and PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone), which are also known mito enhancers.

8. Antioxidant

Glutathione is a naturally present antioxidant in animals. It is said to be the most powerful antioxidant known to man. But some say that Carbon 60 Fullerene has even greater antioxidant capacity. No research has confirmed this but it’s worth considering. Fullerene C60 can perform it’s antioxidant job by  “cleaning the dirtiest part of the cell” [24].


9. Alcohol Damage

In one of the previous posts, we reviewed two large scale analysis concluding that alcohol is the most harmful substance out of all 20 common recreational drugs. Carbon 60 Fullerene holds great potential in ameliorating some of the damages induced by alcohol.

In a study, mice were fed C60 in an aqueous solution and were inflicted with chronic alcohol exposure. The results showed that administration of C60 protected the central nervous system of the rats from oxidative stress. It significantly improved emotional deficits and behavioral response caused by alcohol consumption [25]. Sorry poor little micies! Hopefully you at least had some good drunken times.


Who Would Benefit from Taking C60?

Carbon 60 Fullerene is not for human consumption. I am not endorsing anyone to take it. However, people still do take it. C60 is a legal compound. And whether it’s legal or not, as long as no harm is done to others, it should be up to each individuals to choose for themselves as to what goes in their body. If you are contemplating on whether to take C60 or not, then you could consider the following.

Older folks may especially benefit from taking C60 from it’s pain easing and anti-aging effects. If you’re young but wanting to reduce the rate of aging, then it’s well worth a try, but no human trials have been conducted on it so far.

People who eat a standard American diet, or a diet consisting any amounts of wheat, dairy, corn, and sugar, then they may want to try and mitigate the damage. With the potential of mitochondria cleansing effect of C60, it’s worth considering.

Some defer from taking adaptogens (stress reducing compounds) such as Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, or SAM-e, because they can cause side effects such as irritability and sleeplessness. C60 tends to be much better tolerated in that regards, and yet still have immense degree of effect.

If you just want to live long and stay looking young, then I don’t know anything that will outperform Carbon 60.

How to Take Carbon 60 Fullerene

C60 is most effective and stable when taken in a form of an oil. As a dietary supplement, you will almost always find it being sold in the form of an oil, so it’s easy enough to find the right one. You can take from measuring spoons, or if you’re weird like me then just use the dropper and drip straight into the mouth.


Cost of Carbon 60 Fullerene

C60 oils can be pricey, especially if you want to take larger doses. Fullerene C60 oils are often sold in 100 mL bottles, and each bottle would contain around 90 mg of buckyballs. These bottles could cost anywhere between $30 – 120 USD each.


Dosage of Carbon 60 Fullerene

The dosage will differ with individual preference. Most products have about 9% buckyball (C60) concentration. So 1 millilitre of C60 oil would have 0.9 milligrams of buckyballs.

I take about about 20 drops (about 1 mL) of the oil per day. I’ve read online reviews about people only taking 7 – 8 drops a day and noticing the benefits. I used to take that amount but the effect was greater when I moved onto 20 drops a day.

Some even take up to 10 mL per day, but that is a lot and will end up being costly. But older people with greater desire to slow aging may take amounts like this.


Time it Takes to Kick in

This varies between users. Some people will notice a difference within the same day. Some may notice an energizing effect after dosing it for two to four weeks. I personally felt a positive mood change after a few days.

Carbon 60 Fullerene is one of the few supplements that you can notice the effect. Or you will at least notice the effect once you stop taking it. You may have been taking other stuff while never knowing what it’s doing, or if it’s just making the urine more pricey. In terms of it’s anti-aging effects, it’s not realistic to see it so quickly.


Carbon 60 Fullerenes

The Making of C60 Solution

C60 buckyballs are found in nature in the form of shungite rocks. The pure buckyballs must be mixed in an oil for the span of 2 weeks. During this time, the oil cannot be exposed to any light, or else the quality will degrade and the product may end up doing more harm than good. So it is important to purchase Carbon 60 Fullerene solution from a good source.


Fullerene C60 vs Other “Super Compounds”

This is purely my opinion and experience.

“Super compounds” are supplements and drugs that can take care of a lot of aspects of health. If I was to name some of them, they would be CBD, Spirulina, Modafinil, Psychedelic microdosing, Bromantane, and Resveratrol. If I had to choose between combining all that vs taking only Fullerene C60, then I would choose the latter. Fortunately, I don’t have that restriction.


My Opinions on C60’s Anti-Aging Effect

Human trials are needed to confirm the anti-aging and lifespan prolonging effect of Carbon 60 Fullerene. But that will likely not happen because C60 oil can be made by any person who is willing, so it can not be patented. That means that those who have the resources to fund a research will not profit from conducting one.

I have a lot of confidence in taking Carbon 60 Fullerene. I see it as something that is so beneficial to the health, that if everyone supplemented with it, that will collapse the whole pharmaceutical and life insurance industries. That’s just my biased guess. There might not be a silver bullet in the world, but this one might come close.

Drinking C60 oil likely won’t extend your lifespan to double like it does for rats. And it probably won’t make a 90 year old person look like 30. You won’t become an olympic level athlete just by taking it. But if there is one compound that came close to that, then I would guess it to be Carbon 60 Fullerene.

In the end, nothing beats clean diet, meditating, and sleeping and exercising well. For me, C60 does not negate all negative health effects of unconscious lifestyle.


Source: Where I get my Fullerene C60 Oil

Good Cheap C60 has the cheapest price I’ve found, and the quality is as good as others. They guarantee that the buckyballs are mixed in condition with no light exposure.

Buy from Amazon


How to Store Fullerene C60 Oil

I wrap my C60 bottle in aluminum foil and keep it in my shelf away from heat and direct light. If your bottle is a clear container, then you might want to wrap it in aluminum foil just in case.

If you want to freeze it to keep it stored for years, then by all means. You might want to not refrigerate it while you’re actively using that bottle because the oil can solidify and that will make it harder to ingest. It likely won’t have any effect on the integrity of the carbon 60 molecules, however.


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