LSD Overview (acid, lucy, tabs)

Come up20-30min

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) was synthesized in 1938 by a Swiss scientist, Albert Hofmann. He was also the first person ever to ingest LSD. This was done by accidentally absorbing small amount of the chemical through his finger tips [R].  

LSD is most notable for producing unique visual effects that consists of polychromes, whirls, and waves. Objects can seem to change in sizes; growing large and then shrinking. People and animals may rapidly change in age to the user; growing old and reverting to youth.

Lysergic acid diethylaminde is one of the most dose to effect potent psychoactive substance, perhaps only surpassed by few research chemicals. It is active at micrograms, so touching little bit of liquid or powder could produce powerful effects.


By taking more than 150 mcg of LSD, the visual effects can become very prominent. Closed eyes visuals can get particularly interesting as its nature is not governed by the open world objects. These images are reported to be very vivid.

The user may feel more connected to others, nature, and even to objects. Divine experiences such as meeting god or likened entities, and becoming god altogether, is not uncommon.

Taking LSD causes more of each neurons communicate with others. So all the areas of the brains are communicating to all other areas, to vaguely put. And more parts of the brain are activated than usual.

This may explain why people in highly demanding jobs have switched from using amphetamines and cocaine to using low doses of LSD and Magic Mushrooms.

When a brain of a person on LSD was seen on MRI scan, it was similar to that of brain of a child. LSD is known to make a person more playful, giggly, and childlike.

Along with many famous people that took LSD, Steve Jobs was one of them.

“Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life. LSD shows you that there’s another side to the coin, and you can’t remember it when it wears off, but you know it. It reinforced my sense of what was important – creating great things instead of making money, putting things back into the stream of history and of human consciousness as much as I could”  Steve Jobs


LSD binds to serotonin receptors, mainly to 5HT-2A receptors [R]. Tolerance occurs likely due to downregulation of this receptor. Cross tolerance with LSD is seen with Mescalin and Psilocybin, which are also 5HT-2A agonists.

What all anti-psychotics have in common is that they block 5HT-2A recptor function. To oversimplify, LSD acts the direct opposite of that. Subjective effects of LSD can be blocked by pre-treatment of antipsychotics [R]. I’ve seen this happen myself.

Glutamate might also influence the hallucinogenic aspects of LSD since activation of 5HT-2A leads to increased cortical glutamate levels [R]. Glutamate agonists tend to enhance the effects of LSD, so rather avoid. Conversely, GABAergics can null the effects of LSD.

LSD interacts with dopamine more so than other psychedelic drugs, and that may explain it’s stimulant effects. It’s also a 5HT-1A receptor agonist [R]. For such pharmacology, LSD has a potential to be a social hack.

Overall, the research on pharmacology of this drug is limited and is not well understood.




  • Heightened mood and euphoria
  • Feeling more connected to others, nature, and even to objects
  • Unique visual changes, and enhanced color perception
  • Liberation from negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Softening of ego
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased creativity
  • Introspection and seeing out one’s own patterns
  • Increased sociability and empathy
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Abates anxiety and fear
  • Promotes positive and peaceful outlook on life
  • Ability to look at things objectively and from different perspectives
  • Becoming non-judgemental
  • More kindness towards self and others
  • Pleasant and easy comedown and after effects
  • Positive mindset shift that can have lasting changes


  • Decreased appetite
  • Sweating
  • Dilating pupils
  • Confusion and delirium
  • Epiphany and realizations
  • Lack of understanding or irrelevance of time
  • World changer effect (extremely rare)


  • Bloating and stomach discomfort
  • Anxiety, panic, and obsessive thoughts
  • Rising of uncomfortable memories and flashbacks
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Unwanted spiritual awakening
  • Difficulty regulating body temperature
  • Difficulty speaking and forming sentence



The intensity of effect will vary between individuals. This is only a reference, and the dosages and effects listed are not research based. Proceed with caution and at your own risk.

8 – 25 mcg

Barely perceivable effects occur. This range of dose is often regarded as microdose, and it can lead to elevated mood and enhanced imagination. This range of dose should not negatively impact mental capacity at all, and quite the opposite can be expected Microdosing is most often done to enhance mental acuity and creativity. Little to no tolerance should build from this dose, but taking tolerance breaks on the weekends isn’t a bad idea.

25 – 80 mcg

Mental and physical effects are definitely noticeable. Psychological effect calls for prominent mood lift and increased imagination, meanwhile the user can be kept socially and professionally functional. If you have anxiety about trying LSD then this is a great dose to start. In terms of tolerance, using it more than two to three times a week is pushing it.

80 – 300 mcg

Visual changes will take place for most users. The potential of imagination will be taken to new heights and their contents can reach beyond the reality of this world. Ego dampening can easily occur at this dose and some users may reach near ego death. Time perception may also change and the user may experience time delirium to some degree. Time skipping can occur at this dose, where the user feels like they are teleporting to places. If you feel comfortable about trying LSD then this is a good dose for first experience. Tolerance builds quickly at this dose. It would likely take a week to go closer to baseline.

300 – 700 mcg

Visual effects will be pronounced. The user may experience time loop, such as arriving to a same thought or imagination multiple times. The user may experience epiphanies about the self and the world, and the whole experience can be deeply “spiritual”, or may transcend the whole idea of “spirituality” altogether. If the user feels uncomfortable, it’s possibly because the old held negative unconscious beliefs are brought to attention, or else it’s because the meaning of life is seemingly fading. If the ego tries to hold on, you can let go. Tolerance will build very quickly. Once a week at this dose, one can notice a diminishing effect. LSD seems to have two weeks cap tolerance reset, however.

700 mcg +

Very strong visual effects will take place and the user may temporarily experience near blindness. The user will be more than likely to experience ego death, or even full dissolution of the self. Time, space, words, and numbers may become incomprehensive and irrelevant. Deep spiritual experiences can occur where the user may feel like meeting god or becoming god altogether. Out of body experience is not uncommon. This dose is not recommendable. You may not grasp onto the big picture the first time, but few trips like this, you may still live a seemingly normal life, but the knowledge will always linger.



LSD safety duration effect

LSD tolerance builds fast [R]. If you were to take a moderate dose today, you would have to take double or triple of that dose the next day in order to achieve the same effect. By taking a moderate to high dose, it takes up to two weeks for the tolerance to fully subside.

Cross tolerance is seen between LSD, Psilocybin[R], and Mescaline[R]. This is likely true for DMT and other 5HT-2A agonists.

Microdosing LSD can be done frequently. I have met a guy that microdosed LSD everyday for 6 months and he said he did not build a noticeable tolerance during that time. At least skipping the weekends would be a smart idea.


Safety and Toxicity of LSD

LD=50 for LSD has not been determined yet [R]. LD=50 is a measurement scale for drugs in which a dose produces death 50% of the time.

No LSD overdose has been documented so far. Some individuals have snorted massive doses of LSD, thinking that it was cocaine and survived [R]. As per simple calculations, these individuals took around 40000 micrograms. About 400 times the regular dose.

LSD is not addictive at all [R]. Not only that, it has shown to help people come out of nicotine and alcohol addiction [R][R]

The image below is a study done by The Lancet to determine the relative harm scores of 20 different drugs.



Ok to mix with:


This mix is often referred to as “candyflipping”. LSD tend to increase the duration and the effects of MDMA. The combination can result in less harsh comedown from MDMA. If you’re having uncomfortable trip on acid then dropping MDMA can make it into a great trip once again. If you do decide to try this, then people generally take MDMA between 3 to 4 hours after taking LSD.


Really helpful in taking the edge off of the acid trip. If you’re stuck in the psychedelic mind dungeon then this can calm you down.


It can take the edge off of an intense trip. Couple drinks is all you need.

Caution when mixing


Intensifies visual and mental effect of LSD up to fivefold. I advise against trying it. I don’t see any harm potential, but the trip could get seriously intense. Not recommended.


If you’re a regular marijuana smoker and it mellows you out, then there shouldn’t be an issue, as long as the LSD dose is not high. When you’re coming down from acid, smoking little bit of weed is totally fine. But if you smoke weed during the peak of LSD then you could be in for a nightmare of a trip. If you’ve had any kind of paranoia from weed then I advise against this mix.


Can lead to serotonin syndrome. Uncomfortable trips can occur with this mix. LSD and lithium both lower seizure threshold so definitely avoid.


It will likely null the effect of LSD. You may not even trip at all. This is because LSD and many antipsychotics target 5HT2A receptor, which is largely responsible for psychedelic experiences. It’s not necessarily unsafe, but we don’t know the potential harm and it would likely result in waste of LSD.


Intensifies the visual and mental effect of LSD. Rather avoid.

Anti-seizure meds

The risk of death increases greatly.


Individual Differences to Consider When taking LSD

  • Those with schizophrenia, bipolar, OCD, or anxiety should be cautious of using LSD. This drug may trigger those conditions or worsen them.
  • Dormant mental health issues may manifest during or shortly after LSD usage.
  • Experienced meditators may have intensified experiences. To give you a perspective, if you give a any person acid, it’s like letting a kid sit in the cockpit of an airplane. The kid is going to push some buttons and that’ll be it. When you give acid to an experienced meditator, you’re allowing a kid with flight simulator experience sit in the cockpit. The kid will take off the plane, but at the end of the day it’s a kid flying an airplane. Just be cautious.
  • Those with anxiety and depression are more likely to have undesirable kinds of trips. Stick to moderate dose in such case (80 – 300 mcg)


My personal experience with LSD

We try our best to give unbiased and universally applicable information as much as we can. We also value citations to researches. Having said that, some fields remain unexplored by scientists and general public. So we won’t withhold information that we feel are valuable just because we can’t back it up.

I leave you “my personal experience” section so that you may gain deeper understanding of each drugs. I am big in seeking novelty. Get the highest highs possible and use such opportunities to push my personal limits. And having used LSD many times, possibly close to 200 times, I may be able to share valuable insights.

Acid was my drug of choice for about a year.It brought me some of the most unique and exciting experiences. Even today, taking a microdose on occasions can add more quality to my day.

After a year of weekly usage, a lot of my childhood trauma, past guilts, insecurities, and limiting beliefs had undergone purification to a great extent. My perception, mentality, and outlook on life just isn’t the same prior to LSD. It did not diminish all my negativity, but they don’t linger or affect me as much.

My Take on Bad Trips

In the deeply spiritual and uncomfortable trips I’ve had, I experienced this self that I had chosen to forget and ignore as the days went by since birth. It wasn’t a part of myself. It was all that I ever am. I had to face myself. This self is always with me, and there is no hiding or running. I need only to love and accept, and come to terms with it. This “self” within all of us is what people describe as “God”. 

Bad trips can manifest in different ways. But it is really up to what the user focus on. Same as our day to day life basis. Focusing on anything will make it become more prominent to our subjective reality. We are what we focus on.

With LSD, the reticular activating system can go into overdrive. Sometimes you cannot escape your own thoughts, but the best way to prevent bad trips is to focus on activities and thoughts that uplifts you and brings you bliss. 

Real bad trips are very rare. It’s the intense spiritual aspect of LSD is what people often refer to as bad trips. If you’re uneducated on this and totally lose your shit, then you’d probably perceive it as a bad trip.

Imagine being stripped away of everything that is seemingly yours; identity, family, possessions, opinions, and even existence. We’ve put so much attachments and investments into these things without realizing it. Bad trips gives you a taste of death, in a way; losing everything.

Imagine letting down everyone that you’ve ever loved because you doubted yourself and let anger and fear overtake you. Precisely it’s like facing a judgement day. Only that it’s not God that judges you. You are judging yourself.

If you have totally lost your cool, and your reality has gone to absolute shit, then the best thing you can do find the most comfortable place avail to you. Sit or lay down, so that your heart is rested. Don’t move much and don’t make any decisions.

You may see the whole world collapse in on itself, or start hearing the voice of your best friend turning against you. Ineffable experiences can take place. Best thing you can do is to sit and surrender to the experience.

Whenever this happens to me, I always go “why do I always come here? I’ve been here so many times… oh it’s death…”

I remember the reason why I came into existence. It was to be love and to be limitless. I suffer because I’m not living up to my true self. As this trip ends, I hear “don’t forget.”

Remember that you are love. You are infinite. You are everything.


My experience with heroic dose going bad

On one summer day, I had taken 8 tabs of LSD (800 mcg), and I mixed it with two nootropics that greatly enhances the hallucinogenic aspect of LSD.

I wandered off by myself in a large park by the ocean and had a great time to begin with. As my ego slowly evaporated, my public act became silly and erratic. If you can imagine a 2 year old kid with a physical capacity of a fully functional adult, that was me. I called my friend on the phone and she decided to come meet me because I’ve taken too much acid.

I eventually found myself in a nightmare of a bad trip, and I was overwhelmed by how everything I thought I knew was becoming totally irrelevant. The question of “what is what?” and “who am I?” kept me occupied. 

I sat beside an old lady, hoping to receive some comfort. Somewhere along our short conversation she started to ask me where I live, and then her face turned demonic. I ran away as fast as I could.

This is about when I became totally convinced that I was dead, and that this whole scheme so called life was all just an act to ultimately escort me to hell.

I went to the restaurant near the beach to meet up with my friend. But by the time I got there my was mind was far gone and lost, and I tried to walk out of there through a glass door. When I realized I couldn’t, I went to the patio and hopped onto an occupied table to jump over a fence to escape.

I eventually met up with my friend, but as soon as I saw her, I felt the judgement day rising upon. It was like knowing that I was in deep trouble, but at the same time I felt peaceful because I thought there was nothing I could do to save myself. I was convinced that my friend was the devil, and I had no way of running or hiding. Even though I had no plans of escaping from her, she had a tough time getting my uncooperative ass to safety. 

I was brought to my other friend’s place for safety, and I immediately went into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw blood drooping down, or so it seemed. Shortly after I recollected my memories and came down from the insane trip.


Final Remarks

According to countless anecdotes, LSD has lasting positive mental health benefits. We have learned that LSD is one of the least toxic substance on the planet, and it’s unquestionably safe compared to most substances, even the legal ones.

LSD is not for everyone however. It’s not something that everyone can have a good time on. It may not have as much profound effect on those who are not ready for what it has to teach.

Terrence McKenna talks about how psychedelics do not work for dumb people. I think what he meant was that those with rigid ways of thinking will not receive all the benefits it has to offer.