In this post we will explore the ways to inhibit streptococcus, and discuss the potential harm that they cause. You can also use this guideline to beat a bad strep throat. By showing you how to inhibit streptococcus bacteria, this will likely be the most effective way to get over a strep throat quickly.

Streptococcus is a culture of bacteria that are most notable for causing strep throat, tooth decay, and vaginal infection. But the negative health effects they cause extends much further.

If you’ve read our post about herpes virus, you know that infections don’t only cause surface level problems. They can often extend to neurological and psychiatric conditions.

Streptococcus seems to have significant associations with “mystery illnesses”, such as Autism and OCD. Read on to find out the devastating health effects of streptococcus.

Conditions Associated With Streptococccus


  • ADHD [1]
  • Autism [2][3]
  • PANDAS [2][6]
  • OCD [1][4]
  • Tics [1][4]
  • Autoimmunity [2]
  • Major Depressive Disorder [1]
  • Epilepsy [5]
  • Anxiety [2]
  • Sydenham Chorea [6]
  • Vaginal Infection
  • Tooth Decay


There has been countless cases of children having an episode of strep throat, followed by some dreadful health regressions. This is recognized as PANDAS, which is short of Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections.

PANDAS is characterized by motor tics, behavioral problems, mood lability, autism spectrum, and obsessive compulsive tendencies. The hypothesis is that streptococcal infections trigger the induction of dopamine receptor antibodies [6]. To simply put, our own immune system starts manipulating our dopamine receptors to work in our disfavor.

Testing positive for strep may increase the risk of being diagnosed with any mental disorder, especially to OCD and to tics [1].

In the movie Venom (one of my favorites), they show an alien entity which require a suitable human host to survive and thrive. Once the Venom is merged with the protagonist, it causes him all sorts of mental and physical changes. This movie can give you an exaggerated but accurate ideas on how bacteria, parasites, or viruses, beneficial or harmful, can affect our psyche, perception, and behavior.

I’ve personally known someone with borderline personality disorder that have had multiple strep throat in the past. It got to the point that she had to get her tonsils removed. She had nearly all of the PANDAS symptoms.

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Types of Streptococcus


  • Streptococcus. Mutans
  • Streptococcus. Pneumoniae
  • Streptococcus. Pyogenes (Group A Streptococcus)
  • Streptococcus. Anginosus
  • Streptococcus. Agalactiae (Group B Streptococcus)
  • Streptococcus. Aureus
  • Streptococcus. Thermobilus
  • Streptococcus. Mitis


There are many more types of streptococcus, just like how dogs have different breeds, mixes, and subtypes. The good news is that just like how nearly all dogs would find chocolates to be toxic, streptococcus would also have universally the same kryptonites.

Some streptococcus strains are beneficial. For example, streptococcus thermobilus are included in yogurt and common probiotic supplements.

ways to inhibit streptococcus

Foods to Inhibit Streptococcus


1. Garlic fresh and uncooked [7][8]

2. Xylitol [9][10][11]

3. Sea Weed for it’s iodine content [12][13]

4. Pomegranate [14]

5. Clove [15][16]

6. Oregano [17]

7. Cinnamon may inhibit streptococcus [18]

8. Coconut oil [19][20] (iHerbAmazon)

9. Caprylic Acid [20]

10. Mangosteen [21][22][23]

11. Manuka Honey [24][25]

12. Cayenne Pepper [26][27]

13. Turmeric [28][29]

Foods to Avoid

Supplements to Inhibit Streptococcus

Let’s explore some powerful vitamins and herbs to inhibit streptococcus. I’m not anti-pharma by any means and will never dismiss the importance of medications. With let’s say sedatives and stimulants, there’s no natural substances that can supersede the pharmaceuticals. But when it comes to anti-pathogenic substances, various natural compounds have been proven to be very potent and safe. Natural compounds tends to not cause pathogenic mutations, and they can inhibit resistant strains. It’s also worth noting that natural antibacterials generally leave beneficial bacteria unharmed.

Whether to use natural or pharmaceutical antibacterials to inhibit streptococcus should be a choice between you and your doctor.

14. Curcumin has notable activity Against S. Mutans [28][29] (iHerbAmazon).

15. Cat’s Claw was able to inhibit 52% of Streptococcus Mutans [30] (iHerbAmazon).

16. Vitamin C is shown to inhibit streptococcus pneumoniae hyaluronate lyase, a bacterial spreading factor [31][32] (iHerbAmazon).

17. Pomegranate Fruit Extract significantly reduced S. Mutans count [14][33][34].

18. Garlic supplements don’t cause bad breath [7][8] (iHerbAmazon).

19. Neem Extract effective against four different strains of streptococcus [35][36].

20. Iodine might be extremely potent [12][13] (iHerbAmazon).

21. Monolaurin is more powerful than antibiotics in the ability to inhibit streptococcus in vitro [38][40] (iHerbAmazon).

22. Mangosteen may be effective against multiple strains of strep [21][23].

23. Lactoferrin may inhibit streptococcus from many different angles [37][38].

24. Berberine [41][42] (iHerbAmazon).

25. C60 kills group A streptococcus [51] (Amazon)

Essential Oils to Inhibit Streptococcus

Streptococcus can sometimes enter the brain from the nasal cavities [R].

The essential oils are known to be able to cross the blood brain barrier so it could yield some favorable results. Maybe it’s absolutely essential if you want to inhibit streptococcus in the brain.

Internally ingesting the essential oils will be useful for treating the gut. Always dilute it with edible oils and keep it to few drops a day max.

Diffusing the oils and sniffing the mist may help in crossing the blood brain barrier. These folks from a Christian Crack House snort essential oils like drugs. I think diffuser method is still better.

26. Oregano Oil [43][44][17]

27. Eucalyptus Oil [35][36]

28. Cinnamon Oil [44][36][18]

29. Peppermint Oil [44][45]

30. Neem Oil [45]

31. Tea Tree Oil [46][47]

32. Lemongrass Oil [36]

33. Cedarwood Oil [36]

34. Thyme Oil [16][44][45]

35. Clove Oil [16][44][36]

Medications to Inhibit Streptococcus

Many streptococcal strains are becoming immune to antibiotics. Our overuse of antibiotics forces them to evolve and become superbugs [47]. Superbugs are just super bad news and you want to avoid getting them.

The superbugs could become a huge problem in the future. An interesting article on superbugs potentially killing 10 million a year by 2050.

Antibiotics tent to unselectively kill beneficial bacteria as well. So the user may become more susceptible to infections afterwards. If you must resort to using antibiotics, then you may want to work on healing the gut afterwards. This would entail taking probiotics and cutting out inflammatory foods.

Erythromycin [48]

Amoxicillin [49]

Azithromycin [50]

Penicillin [50]


Final Note

I personally use most of the supplements, the foods, and the essential oils listed above. They have reduced my fatigue and PANDAS symptoms a lot. When my partner got a strep throat, we still shared bed and water cups but I managed to not get it.

If you have a strep throat, and you want to keep the treatment cheap, stick to raw fresh garlic, cayenne pepper, and coconut oil. Extra points for drinking pomegranate juice and abusing vitamin C.

You really want to be combining at least 5 supplements and essential oils if you have an ongoing or dormant infection. Streptococcus are tough.

The reason why I made this post was because I could not find any compiled source for ways to inhibit streptococcus. All I found was some strep throat articles that were not backed by researches or even anecdotes.

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